San Francisco Gun Store to Remain Open


High Bridfge Arms to ReopenHigh Bridge Arms, located in San Francisco’s Mission district, “will be allowed to continue operating after shutting down when its permit expired in February,” the San Francisco Examiner reported.  “The business has been around for more than a half-century, but in recent years has been targeted by anti-gun activists in a city with a history of snubbing the Second Amendment.

In 2005, voters approved a law that would ban handgun sales within city limits, an initiative that was later nullified by the courts.”

Anti’s made many claims against the gun shop, including that it made the neighborhood unsafe, attracted criminals, and was an “anachronism.”  In the end, though, it appeared common sense prevailed.

“Sgt. Bill Coggan, who made the decision regarding the permit, called High Bridge Arms a well-run business, and said there was no evidence the shop attracted crime or that any weapons bought at the store were used in a crime,” the Examiner noted.

Source:  San Francisco Examiner, 9/9/10:

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