Ruger Collectibles Raises Over $18,000 For USA Shooting

Ruger Collectibles Raises Over $18,000 For USA Shooting

Ruger handgun collection benefits USA Shooting Team.

A Gunbroker auction of nine Ruger collectibles, firearms that netted $18,250, was then donated by Ruger to the USA Shooting Team. Ruger executives presented a check to the team during the recent NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh.

“Some of the firearms were consecutively numbered pairs leftover from government contracts and stored in foil wrap for more than 30 years,” said Buddy DuVall, executive director of the USA Shooting Team Foundation.  “Others were low serial number guns from popular Ruger lines. All were rare enough to generate considerable interest from buyers.  We're very grateful to Ruger for thinking of us as the recipient from these online sales.”

The firearms were auctioned at

Highlighted items included:

• Consecutively numbered pair of U.S. Service-Six revolvers—sold for $1,525.

• Consecutively numbered pair of U.S. Service-Six revolvers—sold for $3,050.

• New Model Single Six with serial number 69-00000—sold for $1,676.

• Mark I pistol, serial number 19-79751—sold for $2,126.

Proceeds from Ruger collectible handguns donated to USA Shooting Team.

DuVall noted that Ruger has been a longtime and generous supporter of the USA Shooting Team. Contributions like this one will help the team prepare for international competitions, including the Olympics.

SOURCE: USA Shooting


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