Review: Convenient Carry with the Gum Creek Vehicle Mount

Review: Convenient Carry with the Gum Creek Vehicle Mount

At the heart of concealed carry is problem solving. And among the chief problems that require a solution is how you carry.

Typically, this facet of the discipline ends up in a familiar way, filling a junk drawer or extra closet shelf with holsters, belts and other rigs that didn’t cut muster. Truthfully, this trial and error is the normal initiation every concealed carry practitioner goes through, until they figure out what works best.

There is, however, another, trickier aspect to carry, one that often gets glossed over — effectively keeping your sidearm secure, but within reach, in a vehicle. Really, this is a topic far too little ink is spilled on, given the ubiquity of both firearms and cars and trucks in America. Yet, when the two tools meet, there are some distinct challenges.

Typical belt carry in a vehicle can be problematic, given the cramped quarters and many obstacles that inhibit a clean draw. And consoles and glove compartments, for all intents and purposes, take a handgun out of the equation, making it inaccessible in the split second in which a defensive situation can occur.

Yet, those who shoot to carry competently and confidently in their hatchback, pickup or what have you need not be plagued by this catch 22. Not with the vehicle carry solution Gum Creek offers.

The Georgia-based company has come up with what can only be described as an elegant answer to carrying while on the road with its Vehicle Mount. It’s an affordable, intuitive and, most importantly, effective way to keep a sidearm safe, yet ready.
The Right System

The Gum Creek Vehicle Mount is simplicity itself. The American-made accessory is a heavy-duty adjustable nylon strap, fitted with rubber-coated steel hooks at either end.

These hooks are designed to grab hold of the top and bottom of the steering column of nearly any car or truck, then provide a base to hold a holster and in turn a handgun. But the unit not only retains a revolver or pistol, it also puts it into an optimum position for fast and safe retrieval.

In fact, I was shocked, not to mention elated, with how the vehicle mount performed upon installing it in my truck. Once fitted on my half-ton's steering column, all unholstering my Smith & Wesson snubby required was a slight forward lean and a direct pull toward my chest. From there the revolver was ready for action, no fuss, no muss.

One of the more surprising aspects of this initial run through with the mount was how the steering wheel proved not to be an obstacle. In fact, it was more of a helpful guide, leading my hand directly to the butt of the revolver. I don't know if Gum Creek foresaw this attribute of its mount, but it certainly is helpful. Particularly with the thought of fine motor skills melting away in the inevitable wave of adrenaline certain in the chaos of a defensive situation.

Drawing from the mount was, honestly, refreshing. A far cry from the clumsy and maddening exercise of drawing while attempting to avoid the seat, seat belt and every other dang thing that always seems to get in the way.

Gum-1Ready for Any Gun and Most Vehicles

Gum Creek has engineered its Vehicle Mount to adjust to nearly any car, truck or van in which it might reside. The strap has plenty of play in its adjustment, allowing it – I'd wager – to attach to most steering columns out there. And it is designed to function with nearly any holster, within reason, as well as ambidextrously.

There are some limitations to the mount. Most hybrids and rigs with two belt loops aren't really compatible, but most single loop holsters are right on target. Gum Creek sells universal holsters that are meant to work in conjunction with its mount.

The company also offers a concealed holster that completely encapsulates a handgun. This is an important upgrade for many, since there are a number of states where a handgun must be completely concealed to be legally carried in a vehicle.

The mount is also simple to install. It took a little less than 5 minutes to affix the unit to my truck's steering column. And once on, it was rock solid – even with a steel-framed revolver on it.


Vehicle carry is a topic that should be discussed more, given how likely it is a CCW permit holder will have to confront the challenge of carrying in a car or truck. It is also an important subject given, for many, traveling in a vehicle raises their risk profile more than nearly any other activity.

Thankfully, Gum Creek has provided a solution to these problems. The company's Vehicle Mount should be as important in everyday carry as spare ammunition or the right holster.

Plain and simple, with Gum Creek around, consider vehicle carry a problem solved.


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  1. I bought this mount and I love it. It resides under the steering column of my Charger and it is excellent. My XD or my G21 fit great and are a millisecond from my hand in any situation. It mounted with no hassle and it holds the gun securely, so if I was run off the road for example, I know my locked and loaded handgun is right where I left it. No worries.

    One thing to keep in mind is that you need a left handed holster if you are a rightie, and vice versa. My solution was to buy a good quality ambidextrous holster so I can use it with the mount, and also take it out and put it on my belt if need be,

    Highly recommended product.


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