Pair Face Off to Win $10,000 of Sig Sauer Firearms, Gear

Pair Face Off to Win $10,000 of Sig Sauer Firearms, Gear
Wow! Sig Sauer pulled out all the stops on this prize package.
Wow! Sig Sauer pulled out all the stops on this prize package.
Wow! Sig Sauer pulled out all the stops on this prize package.

Jeff Gabel and Johnathon Akers each added a Sig Sauer P320 pistol to their gun collections. Soon, one of them will stuff the gun safe with a heck of a lot more Sig hardware.

The finalist of Sig Sauer’s P320 Take-A-SHOT contest face off at the 2015 SHOT Show in a bid to take home a $10,000 prize package. And, boy, if you like the New Hampshire manufacturer’s guns, it’s a heck of roster of goods to nab.

The grand prize includes a SIG MCX, SIG MPX, M11-A1, MK25, extra barrels for both pistols, extra magazines and SIG SAUER Elite Ammunition all in a custom Pelican case.

But to pocket all those goodies Gabel or Akers will have to have a steady hand. The grand prize winner will be determined at the Sig Sauer VIP Range Day, through a series of shooting challenges.

Gabel, of Cedar Falls, Iowa, was the winner of the video contest, with his entry “A Gun For Every Hand”. Akers of Katy, Texas was selected in the P320 Sweepstakes. Check out Sig Sauer’s Facebook page or You Tube page for video of the final competition.


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