One in the Pocket: New Blackhawk TecGrip Holster


Blackhawk! TecGrip Holster

The new Blackhawk! TecGrip holster provides rock-solid carry in pockets or inside the waistband.

The new Blackhawk TecGrip holster is designed for civilian and law enforcement concealed carriers, and it can be used as either a pocket or inside-the-waistband scabbard.

What makes the holster unique is its TecGrip outer layer, which holds tightly to almost any material — keeping your firearm holstered snugly in place. The design is said to promote comfort, thanks to high-density closed cell foam that protects the firearm and conforms easily to your body.

“This is one of the most adaptable holsters I’ve ever carried,” said BLACKHAWK! Product Director for Tactical Accessories Chuck Buis. “It stays in place wherever you put it. It’s the ideal holster for every day carry, and it’s affordable.”

According to Blackhawk!, the TecGrip's material features microscopic gripping fingers that hold so securely no clip is needed for rock-solid inside-the-waistband carry. Both IWB and pocket models are completely ambidextrous and offered in multiple sizes to fit an array of firearms. The thermal-bonded three-layer laminate construction is hand- or machine washable and maintains its gripping properties through years of use.

TecGrip IWB and Pocket holsters promise to offer premium concealment at an affordable price.

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