New Product: Savage A22 .22 LR Rifle

New Product: Savage A22 .22 LR Rifle

In the couple years since Savage Arms introduced its groundbreaking A17, a semi-auto rimfire rifle chambered in the speedy .17 HMR, the company has been building on that design. This past year, the manufacturer added two new Target models of the A17, as well as a .22 Magnum version, dubbed the A22 Magnum.

Something that has been missing in the A Series line, as some might have noticed, is a model chambered in the ubiquitous .22 LR. Savage has now officially addressed that vacancy with the addition of its new A22 rifle chambered in .22 LR.

The new Savage A22 shares the same modern and functional aesthetic as its predecessor but comes in a caliber that is more widely available and affordable to a broader range of shooters. The rifle use a smooth, straight blowback action that feeds a diverse array of .22 LR ammo reliably, and its receiver is machined using a single billet of case-hardened steel instead of the traditional die-cast construction found on many rimfires.


Like previous A Series rifles, the Savage A22 utilizes the same thread-in headspace system as the company's excellent centerfire rifles. It also uses a similar, flush-fit, 10-round rotary magazine that is one of the brand's proprietary designs. A 25-round extended magazine will also be available as an aftermarket option, courtesy of a partnership between Savage and accessories manufacturer Butler Creek.

The new A22 features Savage's excellent, user-adjustable AccuTrigger and a button-rifled, 22-inch carbon steel barrel, so accuracy on the gun should be quite good. The rifle ships with adjustable open steel sights, but it also comes drilled and tapped for those who wish to add an optic.

With its sturdy, yet lightweight synthetic stock, the new Savage A22 weighs in at about 5.63 pounds, which makes it a perfect option for carrying afield after small game. It has an overall length of 41.5 inches.

The MSRP on the new Savage A22 in .22 LR is currently listed at just $281, a bargain for rimfire fans or shooters in the market for a new semi-auto .22 LR rifle. For more information, visit the Savage Arms website.


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