New: Heckler & Koch Introduces VP Tactical, FDE and Grey

New: Heckler & Koch Introduces VP Tactical, FDE and Grey
Outside of being a bit longer, the new VP Tactical has all the features of the line.

It’s a striker-fired world any more. Shooters need not look further than Heckler & Koch for proof.

For the better part of its existence, the German manufacturer has made a name for itself as one of the world’s premier hammer-fired semi-automatic pistol makers. Legends such as the USP and P30 have graced many a service holsters and have become staples for concealed carry practitioners across the country. But even with its success in this niche of the firearms industry, H&K couldn’t resist the siren call to comeback to striker-fired pistols.

VP Tactical
Similar to other H&K models, the VP now has a suppressor-ready iteration.

Jumping back into this style of firearm after nearly a quarter of a century away has proven a boon to the company and shooters. Heckler & Koch’s VP line — VP9 and VP40 — has stood out in the crowded striker-fire market, offering shooters the precision, reliability and quality the company is know for in a style of pistol that keeps growing in popularity.

And the company continues to roll with the success of the VP with three new additions to the line. Shooters now have the VP Tactical, VP FDE (Flat Dark Earth) and VP Grey to choose from, in addition to the two existing models.

Of the new iterations, the VP Tactical offers the biggest jump in features, easy to discern with a quick glance at the pistol. As the barrel thread protector on the muzzle indicates, the Tactical addition is the first suppressor-ready VP. This is a logical move for Heckler & Koch, threaded barrels have grow in popularity with more and more shooters taking the plunge into suppressors. But it is also typical of the company, who has offered many of its models in a tactical edition.

VP Tactical
Outside of being a bit longer, the new VP Tactical has all the features of the line.

The threaded barrel on the new VP9 and VP40 Tactical are a bit different than what the company has offered in the past when it comes to suppressor-ready firearms. The main break, they do not feature the O-ring assisted lockup, a proprietary feature that is meant to ensure better slide-to-barrel lockup and more accuracy.

The new model is also a bit different than the rest of the VP line, mainly in dimensions. At 4.7 inches, the VP Tactical boasts a slightly longer barrel, an obvious modification to make room for a suppressor. Overall, this makes for a slightly larger pistol than the standard VP, but not dramatically so; both the 9mm and .40 S&W are 7.95 inches in length, just a few tenths of inch longer that the standard model.

Shooters looking for something bit different now have the VP Grey and VP FDE to choose from.

From there, the VP Tactical becomes very familiar to those who know the line, outfitted with the exact same features as previous models. Some of these include cold-forged cannon-grade steel barrel , polygonal bore profile, Picatinny Rail, three changeable grip backstaps and six side panels, and 15-round capacity for the 9mm and 13 for the .40 S&W.

The VP FDE and Grey are also identical to the standard VP, not only in features but also dimensions. But each offers shooters a choice in frame color, an appealing proposition for those who want a bit more flare than matte black. At the moment, FDE is offered in 9mm and .40 S&W, while the Grey is only available in 9mm.

Presently, the MSRP for the VP Tactical is $899, and the MSRP for both the VP FDE and Grey is $719.


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