New Gear: Champion’s VisiColor Line Expands

New Gear: Champion’s VisiColor Line Expands

Champion's VisiColor line of targets has a few new additions that hunters and recreational shooters will definitely want to take a shot at.

Asking what’s the best caliber, bullet, load for taking deer, elk, bear or any other tasty critter — it's like a kid poking at a hornet’s nest. The query will spark passionate novel-length responses on shooting and hunting forums and near fistfights in certain barbershops and bars around the country.

Honestly, the question doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in most respects. Yes, there are certainly gun-and-ammo combinations that perform well in given circumstances. But what really counts is delivering a deadly and ethical shot on a game animal every time the trigger is pulled. And what determines precision and accuracy more than anything is practice.

Champion Trap & Targets has gone a long way in helping hunters of every stripe make certain they’re placing shots dead on an animal's vitals in the most recent expansion of its VisiColor Reactive Target line.

The line of instant feedback targets now features photo-realistic North American big game, including bear, antelope and white-tailed deer.

Built off images taken by well-know outdoor writer and photographer Brad Fenson with accurate outlines of each animal’s vital organs, the targets help hunters build a solid understanding of where they need their bullet to land. Perhaps best of all, Champion’s VisiColor system allows hunters to evaluate whether or not they’ve made a fatal shot the second after they’ve pulled the trigger.

Each vital zone shows a burst of color when struck , showing whether or not it would have downed the animal. And outfitted with two bullseyes integrated into the photo-realistic target, shooters can zero in before taking a crack at the big-game animal itself.

North American Big Game is one of four new additions to the VisiColor Line. Champion has also rounded out its reactive targets with two training patterns and a recreational series.

Shooters can test and hone their reaction time and target acquisition skills with the VisiColor Reflex targets. With eight different shapes in four colors, the challenging layout is perfect for calling out shots. VisiColor Training Silhouette targets feature multiple numbers, colors and shapes, again providing an ideal format for sharpening target acquisition skills, particularly for self-defense. The targets are sold separately and in a combo pack as well.

Finally, Champion has added the VisiColor Fun Games package, which includes 12 targets, comprised of three games — alien invaders, shooting pong and shrinking targets.

The MSRP VisiColor Big Game targets are $27.49, the Training Combo is $22.49, the Reflex is $20.95, the Silhouette is $21.95 and the Fun Games is $26.95. Each package comes with 12 targets.

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