NC Village: Concealed Carry Ban a “Mistake”

NC Village: Concealed Carry Ban a “Mistake”


Kudos to the Pinehurst Village Council in North Carolina for fixing a mistake it made over a month ago when it banned concealed carry from in public parks and on Village greenway trails.

Concealed Carry BanAt a recent meeting, councilors voted to repeal the original concealed carry ban ordinance and to allow the practice in these public places.

“The council is not afraid to say it made a mistake,” Mayor Nancy Fiorillo told The Pilot.

Admittedly, the council had a little help in realizing its mistake. Once the original regulation was made known, many residents voiced their opposition to the concealed carry ban.

“Our inboxes have been flooded,” Fiorillo said.

“Prior to the discussion with the public [on the recent vote], each council member said they erred when voting for the ordinance on July 24,” The Pilot reported.

“It is one of the few votes I wish I had back because it punishes citizens,” council member Mark Parson said.

“I wish I had thought about it and done a little better homework,” fellow council member Doug Lapins said. “I don't see where this (ordinance) does a thing for us as a village.”

Pinehurst resident Rich Foster pointed out there were, “areas on the greenway trails that are isolated and where someone might be accosted by ‘thugs,' and would be much safer if they were allowed to carry a concealed weapon.”


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  1. A “mistake” huh? The only mistake was that these council members were ever elected. Seems to me that something that is an inalienable right should have never been voted on for a ban in the first place. It just shows that these people would infringe on any right they want, as long as there is no public outcry. “Hey, we willingly violated the U.S. Constitution like little tyrants but now realize that it was a mistake. We’re sorry.” That just doesn’t cut it. I just hope the people of Pinehurst Village are smart enough to see that and vote them out at the next local election. No one in the U.S. needs people running their state/city/town with blatant disregard for the Constitution they swore to uphold.

    • you know, Johndoe, I agree with you– to a point. I do believe people make honest mistakes. We do not know their reasoning for passing the ordinance banning weapons in parks, etc. I believe there is a national ban, right? i.e. 250 yds within schools, post offices, etc. So, this wasn’t a big stretch from that, was it? I don’t know. YOU MAY BE RIGHT! Let’s talk it up.

  2. I’m not a lawyer nor have I read the Pinehurst wording of their original “ban”. Perhaps now they have learned to bounch future “rules, laws, requirements and bans” off the folks living there to obtain the pulse of the people before taking a final vote. Since most law enforcement officers also have a concealed carry firearm (backup) guess the silly ban might have applied to them? Last 2 thoughts: 1. This is America! 2. Guess why my new home is on my private land out in the countryside and NOT in the nearby several home developments each with long lists of “don’t and can’t do” rules”.

  3. Thanks for posting this, Brian McCombie… good article!

    It’s TIME to take our country back, America!! Let’s roll! OOH-RAH!!!

  4. Thanks for posting this, Brian McCombie… good article!

    It’s take to take our country back, America!! Let’s roll! OOH-RAH!!!

  5. I just wrote an e-letter to the village of Pinehurst at their site thanking them. Pinehurst is a wonderful place– I’ve been there a few times. When I was an active duty Marine I coached youth wrestling. We were gearing up for Desert Storm and most of these kids dads were overseas. So, it was truly my honor to do this. Anyhow, Pinehurst hosted our state wrestling championships. We were all very impressed with the village. The people were friendly and down-to-earth. Strange because the environment was so green and plush. They also host world-class golf tournaments.

    I was very pleased when I read this article. So naturally I thought it would be a great idea to show our support for this particular council of good people that America desparately needs. Here’s the site if you’d like to leave them a note:

  6. Just proves you can make a difference, especially at the local leve. And some of these local leve guys will grow up to be State and Federal level politicians and they will remember what happened when they messed with gun rights.


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