Modern Shooter TV: Inside the Shoot House

Modern Shooter TV: Inside the Shoot House

Modern Shooter TV keeps scoring a bull’s eye in its second season on Sportsman Channel with a host of new, high-caliber episodes. The show continues to explore some of the most intriguing corners of the shooting world with looks at everything from professional competitive shooting to the tactical training our service members and law enforcement utilize.

This latter area is Modern Shooter TV’s focus in its upcoming episode with an operator’s eye view of the modern shoot house. But, as viewers quickly discover, following military and law enforcement into one of their primary training tools is a heck of a lot more about mindset than trigger pull.

The episode goes in depth into the psychology and the tactical mentality professional operators hone in this intense training arena. The physical and mental fatigue the shoot house demands, however, is well worth it for the military, law enforcement and civilians who step up to the challenge. As Modern Shooter documents, the pint of sweat shed in the shoot house saves a gallon of blood in the real world.

New episodes of Modern Shooter air 8 p.m. ET Monday nights on Sportsman Channel, with an encore showing at 11 p.m. Replays can be viewed 12 p.m. on Thursday and 5 a.m. on Sunday. Clips of Modern Shooter are also available at Gun Digest’s You Tube channel.

Modern Shooter is produced for gun enthusiasts who look for the best in firearms programming and is sponsored by the top names in the firearms industry. Those sponsors include: Colt Manufacturing, FNH USA, Aguila Ammunition and H&H Precision Manufacturing.

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