Market Trends: Ruger LCP on fire in Tennessee for CCW

Ruger LCP, a petite CCW option
Ruger LCP, a petite CCW option

David WilsonLebanon Gun Shop, Lebanon, Tenn.

CCW practitioners have made the Ruger LCP in .380 ACP the top carry handgun at the Lebanon Gun Shop this past winter. But it is not the only concealed carry handgun that has won favor. The Smith & Wesson J Frame .38 revolver has moved quickly, as well.

With the general difficulty in getting many calibers of ammunition, reloading equipment and supplies have gone strong. Hodgdon’s Varget Smokeless Powder has been especially in demand, at $189 per 8-pound jug. Customers have been buying up .223/5.56mm reloading components, especially bullets and primers.

Speaking of which, while the AR surge is over, Lebanon’s owner David Wilson noted customer interest has remained strong in AR platform rifles, just not at “surge” prices. The DPMS Panther Oracle went on sale here for $679, and the rifles are moved out fast.

“What we have seen since the surge in sales ended this summer is a return to more normal seasonal trends,” Wilson said. “However, sales are still about 10-percent higher, month to month, compared to last year.”

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  1. How does one make the jump from an article entitled “Ruger LCP” to talking about AR .223/5.56 reloading components? That’s how. Start talking about conceal carry and end up someplace in a completely different hemisphere.


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