Magnum Research Introduces Stainless Steel Versions of Desert Eagle 1911

Magnum Research has introduced its three models of Desert Eagle 1911s in stainless steel versions.
Magnum Research has introduced its three models of Desert Eagle 1911s in stainless steel versions, such as the above full-sized 1911G.

For those who love the icy good looks of stainless steel on pistols, your hearts should get a thumping with the news coming out of Magnum Research.

The Minnesota manufacturer recently announced it is releasing the three models of its popular Desert Eagle 1911 deck out in the lustrous metal. And the move has the potential to do more than just pique the interests of those who live for gun aesthetics.

The incorporation of stainless steel into the lineup of Magnum Research’s 1911G, 1911C and 1911U also should make the guns more carry friendly. The corrosion-resistant metal can be just the ticket for those shooting for a carry pistol that can withstand humid conditions or ones that promote body moister.

The three models cover nearly any size a 1911 shooter might aim to hang on his or her hip.

The 1911G is the Kahr Arms’ subsidiary’s full-sized pistol, boasting a 5.05-inch barrel and 8.625-inch overall length. The slide width is 1.28-inches and it weighs in at a hefty 36.2 ounces. The 1911C is slightly smaller with a 4.33-inch barrel length, an overall length of 7.87 inches and weight of 3.9 ounces.

The 1911U is the company’s 3-inch barreled concealed carry model. It has an overall length of 6.85 inches and a height is 5 inches. It tips the scales at 25.8 ounces.

The 1911C (above) and 1911U (below), decked out in stainless steel.
The 1911C (above) and 1911U (below), decked out in stainless steel.

The grips of the three .45 ACPs have front-strap checkering at 20 lines per inch. They have a high-profile sculptured rear sights, drift adjustable for windage, and pinned-in white dot front sights.

The 1911G and 1911C each ship with two eight-round magazines. The 1911U comes with two six-round magazines.

All three models have the Series 70 configuration, meaning they boast the original trigger system of the 1911, without the passive safety. This should appeal to purists of the pistol and those who are after the crisp, high-performance trigger pull the 1911 is known for.

Magnum Research lists the trigger-pull weight of the pistols at 3 to 4 pounds and a trigger reach of 2.77 inches.

The pistols are priced well in relation to most 1911s on the market. The 1911G and 1911C both have MSRPs of $904. The 1911U comes in a bit more expensive with an MSRP of $1,019.

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