Video: Connecting on Sporting Clays’ Highest Shots


Of all the shots in sporting clays, the tower station might be the most maddening.

Like a smug Canada goose on a pass shot, the clay nearly scraps the stratosphere and leaves shooters busting nothing but the wide blue yonder. There is hope, however, at grasping the tricky mechanics it takes to make this a smooth shot.

Gil Ash gives some solid tips on just this subject in the above video produced by the National Shooting Sports Association. The central thrust the owner of OSP Shooting School gets at is adjusting grip and stance to get a fast and solid lead on the clays.

Ash basically advocates narrowing each to facilitate faster shouldering and better balance when in the shadow of the tower. It appears to be fairly logical advice, giving more flexibility to the shooter to quickly and accurately get a lead on the clay.

Of course, and as always, you'll have to watch the video to learn the finer points of his lesson.


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