First Look: Liberty Ammunition 10mm OverWatch Ammo

First Look: Liberty Ammunition 10mm OverWatch Ammo

Liberty Ammunition has just added a new 70-grain 10mm Auto load to its OverWatch line of defensive ammo.

At the request of an unnamed government agency, Liberty Ammunition developed a new defensive 10mm Auto load and added it to its OverWatch line. While initially its availability was limited, it is now thankfully accessible to the general public as well. It features 70-grain projectiles and an advertised muzzle velocity of 2,150 fps, and the company promises that the new ammo will be more effective than its existing Civil Defense 10mm load.


While Liberty Ammunition’s Civil Defense 10mm load ruptures immediately, the company says that the new OverWatch load will penetrate barriers and only begin to rupture at 3 to 4 inches of penetration in soft tissue. The 70-grain projectiles feature what the company calls an Open Cavity Design (OCD) with a Maximum Organ Displacement (MOD) feature. The company also claims that compared to other manufacturer’s loads, 10mm OverWatch ammo will hit comparatively harder, be lighter to carry and rupture at the bottom of the cavity to maximize terminal performance.

Gary Ramey, CEO of Liberty Ammunition, said this about the new load:

Liberty OverWatch displaces organs and stops the threat immediately with terminal performance. There is no such thing as a flesh wound with Liberty Ammunition … Liberty OverWatch is available in key calibers for civilians, law enforcement and government agencies. Our products are available through our distributor network, and we remain committed to being the best self-defense ammunition on the market.

Liberty OverWatch 10mm ammo is available now and has an MSRP of $48.68 per box of 20.

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