Kentucky Domestic Violence Bill Would Mandate Gun Confiscation


Kentucky bill would mandate gun confiscation in domestic cases.The measure, which faces opposition from gun-ownership proponents, is another in a growing number of proposals to strengthen Kentucky's domestic violence laws after the shooting death of state worker Amanda Ross last year, allegedly by former state Rep. Steve Nunn.

House Bill 205 also creates a state law that allows judges to prohibit possession of firearms by the accused while a domestic violence order is in effect. There already is a federal law that prohibits someone who has a protective order against them from having a weapon, but that law doesn't require courts or law enforcement to confiscate a gun or other weapon.

The bill also allows those under domestic violence orders to transfer firearms to another person prior to the order being issued.

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Democratic Rep. Joni Jenkins of Shively, the bill's sponsor, said Louisville already has a system that requires those with domestic violence orders to turn over their guns.

“We can do it now without this legislation,” Jenkins said, but only a few jurisdictions actively collect the guns of those with domestic violence orders. Read more

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