Kahr Arm Expands Value Series with CT380

Kahr Arm Expands Value Series with CT380
Kahr Arms has added the CT380, a .380 ACP, to its Value Series.
Kahr Arms has added the CT380, a .380 ACP, to its Value Series.
Kahr Arms has added the CT380, a .380 ACP, to its Value Series.

Concealed carry has been on the march in recent years. And the full realization of the right to bear arms has definitely created a trend in its wake.

Every year, there are more and more smaller, more concealable firearms filling gun shop display cases.

Of course, this should warm the cockles of Justin Moon’s heart. After all, the founder of Kahr Arms originally designed his pistols for concealed carry and as backup guns.

And with the Massachusetts-based manufacturer's newest line of pistols, it appears Kahr Arms plans to continue to embrace the small-is-practical ethos.

The company’s CT line boasts some of the company’s most concealable pistols. And with the final edition to the line, Kahr looks to jump on a couple other concealed-carry trends.

The CT380 is the most recent .380 ACP to hit the market and it walks lockstep with gun companies offering affordable concealed carry options. The gun certainly appears priced to move, with Kahr’s MSRP on the pistol $399.

The new pistol – part of the Kahr Value Series – has the dimensions to make it a runner for being tucked in a waistband or a pocket. The handgun has a 3-inch barrel and measures in at 5.52 inches in overall length, 4.4 inches in height and .75 inches in width.

The polymer-framed pistol also shouldn’t be a burden to carry, weighting in at a manageable 11.44 ounces unloaded. Too boot, it boasts the clean lines that help it avoid getting snagged on clothing on the draw.

Of course, being part of the value line, the CT380 has some cost-saving engineered into it. Kahr, for its part, was very straightforward in its press release about the differences between the new CT380 line and its premium model– the P380:

[T]he CT series has a conventional rifled barrel instead of the match grade polygonal barrel found on Premium model; the CT slide stop lever is MIM (metal-injection-molded) instead of machined; the CT series slide has fewer machining operations, and uses simple engraved markings instead of roll markings; the P380 comes with three magazines and is shipped in a lockable plastic case. The CT Value series comes with one 7 rd. stainless steel magazine and ships in a cardboard box.

The CT380 has the dimensions that make it a grand candidate for a concealed carry pistol.
The CT380 has the dimensions that make it a grand candidate for a concealed carry pistol.

The pistol features drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight and pinned-in polymer front sight. It has a 7+1 capacity. And it has aggressive, yet clean grip texturing.

The CT380 boasts Kahr’s trigger-cocking double-action-only system. Racking the slide partially cocks the striker. Pulling the trigger then rotates a double-lobed cocking cam that does two things: one lobe draws the firing-pin block back, while the other depresses the striker and spring, until it slips the lobe and fires.

The CT line is available in three other calibers – .45 ACP, .40 S&W and 9mm – all with $449 MSRPs.


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