Hearings on ATF-DOJ Gun Smuggling Scandal to Begin June 13


U.S. Department of JusticeSeveral major updates have surfaced concerning the continually developing gun smuggling scandal at the Department of Justice and its agency, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

First, Congressional hearings on the case will begin June 13 in the U.S. House of Representatives. According to David Codrea, one of the two who first broke the story, Congressman Darrell Issa who chairs the committee conducting the hearings has released his first list of witnesses who will provide testimony on June 13: Charles Tiefer, Morton Rosenberg, and Todd Tatelman. All three are Democrat appointees who will testify against the Democrats who allegedly perpetrated the scandal.

Second, Issa's hearings in the House will be conducted in 3 phases, according to blogger Mike Vanderboegh, who along with David Codrea helped break the story. The first phase will focus on allegations and factual information, including evidence. Phase Two will focus on Mexico and witnesses who have first-hand knowledge about the Mexican connection. The 3rd phase is the biggie. Issa will call to testify the big names at the DOJ and the ATF who are up to their necks in the scandal but have thus far refused to provide information. Apparently there is now sufficient evidence to show that these top officials share culpability in the scandal. Read more

Source: Conservative Examiner

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  1. Hello and Hooray for you. I’ve been following this with great interest and anticipation. I feel in my heart this is a part of Obamarama for sure and so proud that we have discovered this. I’m personally running scared of losing my rights to own guns. I’m 61, wheelchair and disabled. For goodness sake when I’m confronted or my wife or family is in danger just how in the world would I protect myself. Try and run over them with my wheelchair?? At any rate, thanks for keeping us informed. I’ve written my Congress People in the house several times and have been told they will take care of us, but all politicians say something to that affect and never hear from them again. My Rep in the House is Honorable Patrick McHenry though and he sure has meandered up to the task at hand and represented me “yes, honorably”. I just hope they nail the folks to the wall that was involved in this especially that Eric Holder. Appointed to his post by Obama and doing his best to take our rights away. I am hoping and praying that America which I love and have fought for will awaken before the next elections and not vote for the socialism that sticks out so obvious. I believe that Obamarama administration is indeed working to take our guns away as soon as possible because as we know when a person has no way of defending himself, it’s very easy to be over run. Just look at our overseas counterparts, no guns… ohhh except foe the bad guys. Good guys are losing. Love America protect our freedom or get out.


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