Florida Community May Urge Citizens to Own Firearms


The resolution was introduced by Belleview resident Donny Barber. As written, it encouraged, “all law abiding citizens to own a handgun, rifle or shotgun and receive adequate training to become proficient in the use of and safe handling of the weapon so they are prepared to protect themselves and their families.”

Additionally, the resolution called on homeowners to, “maintain a firearm, together with ammunition” in order “to provide for the emergency management” of the city, as well as “to provide for and protect the safety, security and general welfare” of the community.

Going from a resolution to an actual law will require two steps. This week “Commissioners would have to vote to direct staff to draft the document in the city's official format,” the Star-Banner noted. “If they agree to that, the resolution would come back a second time in September for final adoption.”


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