National Concealed Carry Amendment Likely to be Debated This Week


According to the National Rifle Association (NRA), “There is a very high likelihood of a Senate floor vote on this important and timely pro-gun reform on Monday or Tuesday.”

With 40 states allowing at least some form of concealed carry, practicing carry across state lines would be possible for tens of thousands of permit holders˜IF the right federal law was place.

As the NRA noted, “Under the Thune-Vitter amendment, an individual who has met the requirements for a carry permit, or who is otherwise allowed by his home state's state law to carry a firearm, would be authorized to carry a firearm for protection in any other state that issues such permits, subject to the laws of the state in which the firearm is carried.”

“The Thune-Vitter amendment recognizes that competent, responsible, law-abiding Americans still deserve our trust and confidence when they cross state lines. Passing interstate Right-to-Carry legislation will help further reduce crime by deterring criminals, and˜most important of all˜will protect the right of honest Americans to protect themselves when deterrence fails.”

The NRA urged gun owners to contact their senators as soon as possible, to respectfully ask for their support of the Thune-Vitter Amendment.

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SOURCE: Nat ccw amend, NRA 7/20/09:


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