Gaddy College of Self-Defense


Often, people make the mistake of thinking they can just have a loaded pistol on a nightstand and a rifle standing in the corner and they’re good to go. Not true.

Individuals must be mentally prepared as well as proficient in the use of their firearms. You owe it to yourself to seek additional, specialized training to develop a mindset of preparedness and preservation. That’s where a top-notch instructor comes into play. You should seek a mentor who will teach you the mental preparation aspects of self-defense as well as the act of mastering your firearm(s).

A one-on-one session, or a session with a small group of people, is invaluable for receiving personal insight and understanding where you are in terms of vigilance. Gaddy ran our small group through a series of drills over two days, and he schooled his trainees to think about and deal with various real-life scenarios and potential weaknesses.

We practiced shooting behind barriers, shooting without using the sights, and using our weak hands, and these are all things that a lot of folks don’t think about often enough. We also rehearsed the act of picking out friendly vs. enemy targets under pressure. We created ways to raise our heartbeat (running sprints) before shooting to try and simulate the adrenaline rush that someone in the act of self-defense will experience.

Perhaps some of the most valuable guidance you can procure from a solid instructor comes during an informal question-and-answer period that allows you pick an experienced mind. It is often difficult to get top-flight training that is not loaded with politically correct talking points and government licensing propaganda.

I’ve been fed this nonsense before. Michael Gaddy didn’t waste our time with such phooey. The right to defend oneself is a natural right and thus it does not come from the permission of any government or licensing body. Gaddy reflects the sort of philosophy that you’d expect from a popular and relentless freedom activist.

In addition, a person who is truly pro-liberty will not waste your time telling you to email your congressman. Due to the fact that there is currently no support for gun control legislation in Congress, the president of the United States is pushing an international treaty that will bypass Congress and can be ratified with Senate approval.

This treaty seeks to disarm Americans. The regime in power is desperate to commence absolute gun control and will do so in any manner possible. Now is the time to prepare to resist any such maneuver. Read more



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