Military Bases Registering Soldiers’ Guns


Another major U.S. military base is requiring soldiers who live off the premises to provide descriptions, serial numbers, calibers, makes and models of any of the guns they own privately, and do not take onto the premises of the installation.

According to a copy of a “Weapons Registration Form” submitted to WND by a soldier from Fort Bliss in Texas, the soldiers have to provide their own information including Social Security number, a physical description and addresses and telephone numbers, along with the serial number, type, action, make, caliber, finish, location stored, model, overall length and barrel description of each weapon they own.

Base public information officer Jean Offutt told WND that registration of privately owned weapons is suggested and recommended, but there's no enforcement procedures available to the military if someone chooses not to submit that off-post information.

However, the form used for the registrations states in one paragraph, “Soldiers who reside off post will register all privately owned weapons/firearms with the PMO. This requirement applies whether or not the service member intends to bring the weapon onto the installation for any recreational or other use.”

A spokesman at Army headquarters, Lt. Col. Lee Packnett, told WND that he wasn't aware of a systemwide effort to have solders' privately owned weapons registered, but confirmed that individual installations could be taking that action. Read more




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