Colorado University Votes to Keep Concealed Carry


At Colorado State University in Fort Collins, public safety experts and the president's cabinet support a gun ban.

Before the decision is made, however, the school wants to hear what students think.

Wednesday night, the student governing body voted 21-3 in support of keeping CSU a conceal-and-carry campus. Five student senators were absent or did not vote.

The student leaders will now submit their resolution to the CSU president for consideration.

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Author of the bill, CSU Junior Cooper Anderson said, “We wrote this bill because we felt that a student should have the right to self defense on campus. We don't believe that crime stops at a campus' borders.”

CSU spokesperson Brad Bohlander says the Public Safety Team and the president's cabinet are united against the issue.

“More availability and more access to weapons on a highly populated college campus can potentially lead to more negative incidents,” Bohlander told 9NEWS.

Besides Utah, where universities aren't allowed to ban guns, CSU is one of only a handful of universities across the country allowing concealed weapons.

CSU has never had a violent gun incident on campus. Read more




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