Campus Carry Proposed in Michigan


“Lawmakers previously barred local governments from passing ordinances that restrict firearms, and Schmidt wants to apply the same law to public universities and colleges.”

“The question is who ultimately determines where you can or cannot carry,” Schmidt said. “My view is the state legislature should be the ultimate authority on that … not local colleges.”

“State law currently bans the carrying of concealed weapons inside college classrooms, dormitories and sports arenas,” the Record-Eagle noted. “Schmidt said his bill wouldn't change that, but he won't rule out dropping those restrictions, either Schmidt, a member of the National Rifle Association, said his bill's primary goal is to make sure people with concealed carry permits don't have to worry about facing arrest as they cross into certain areas.”

“The main purpose of it is to clarify the law and put everyone on the same playing field … I just want to make sure responsible, law-abiding gun owners know what the law is throughout the state of Michigan, and that they don't get caught up in one difference here and one difference there,” Schmidt explained.




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