Gun Sales Steady Along with Fear of Obama Gun Control


Eight months after taking office, officials with the R.K. Gun Show at the Boone County Fairgrounds say fear among gun owners has tapered off, along with gun sales.

“You don't see the anxiety levels as high as they were before the election or right after the election,” said Sam Dawson, a firearm accessories dealer with CJL Enterprize. “I think the spending habits are kind of going along with that mindset.”

After November's election, firearm sales spiked. Many gun owners stocked up, afraid of the president's policies on gun control.

Since then “everybody's kind of calmed down on that,” according to Waylon Pearson, the manager of the R.K. Gun Show at the Boone County Fairgrounds.

“I think he's got…his mind on other things right now,” said Pearson. “He's got the insurance thing going on, he has the recession going on, he has a lot to deal with.”

“I mean guns are probably lower on his list now then some of those things,” he said. Read more



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