There was no brandishing going on in New Hampshire or Arizona


That is illegal and isn't being done.  Brandishing is defined as “to shake or wave (as a weapon) menacingly”, (originally a sword, or brand in the Old English).  The law in all the states I checked specifically forbid menacing with a weapon, whether you have a concealed carry permit or not.

The charge is generally called brandishing a weapon or they could be charged with felony menacing.  None of the demonstrators was arrested for any misconduct. They were not brandishing anything.

It is hard for the pioneers of any movement.  It is hard to recover rights that have been covered over with layers of Political Correctness and years of exaggerated accusations by the anti-gun left.  These men were legally exercising what has become an obscure right, and the left has been trying to distort their actions and vilify them so that others will be dissuaded from doing the same thing.

For example, Bonnie Erbe writing at US News and World Report imply's that anyone openly carrying a gun is a crazy waiting to go off on a mass killing spree, saying the danger to society was “tantamount to allowing children to play with live hand grenades.” The Sun in England ran a headline: A MAN with a 9mm pistol waits for Barack Obama to appear at a meeting – after cops said they could not arrest him.

After mentioning that Obama has gotten many death threats, they mentioned in the fourth paragraph that the man caused no trouble to anyone.  On Time's website Joseph Petro says “They're intimidating people like it's a western saloon..”

No crimes were committed, no harm was done.   These men peaceably assembled for redress of grievance and carried weapons.  Those are covered by Amendment 1 and Amendment 2 to the United States Constitution.

Let's hold the national press and the blogoshere to task to report accurately on the news of the day, and not impute criminal intent or make up actions that cast a negative light on people who carry guns simply because they are legally carrying them. Read more




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