One-Per-Month Handgun Bill Goes to New Jersey Governor


As the Star-Ledger reported, “gun enthusiasts and some lawmakers said the bill would punish law-abiding gun owners. To address their concerns, Corzine issued an executive order moments after the vote creating a task force examining the law's impact on collectors and sportsmen.”

The New Jersey Association of Rifle and Pistol Clubs opposed the bill.

“It targets law-abiding citizens only and does nothing to impact crime, or the source of illegal guns,” said Scott L. Bach, Association President.

State Senator Anthony Bucco (R-Morris) lobbied against the bill. He noted that New Jersey’s very tight gun laws, and the associated paperwork burden, made a single handgun purchase approval take up to six months. For that reason alone, he felt this bill’s ability to impact crime was non existent.

“Is it true that gangs have guns? Yes,” Bucco said. “And they don't go into a sporting goods store because they are not going to fill out the application, because they have records.” Read more.

Source: New Jersey New


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