Colt Recalls Multiple Pistols


All of these Colt models were sold after March 2007 and the range of serial numbers affected by this product recall is as follows:

1911 WWI ReplicaFrom: 4597WMKTo: 5414WMK
1918 WWI Replica (O1918)From: 1001WWITo: 3431WWI
New Agent (O7810D)From: GT01001To: GT04505
Combat Elite (O8011XSE)From: CG10000ETo: CG11293E
Defender (O7000D)From: DR33036To: DR35948
Talo Night Defender (O7000NDF)From: NDF0001To: NDF0400

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1911 WWI Replica (O1911)            From: 4597WMK           To: 5414WMK
1918 WWI Replica (O1918)            From: 1001WWI            To: 3431WWI
New Agent (O7810D)                     From: GT01001             To: GT04505
Combat Elite (O8011XSE)               From: CG10000E           To: CG11293E
Defender (O7000D)                        From: DR33036             To: DR35948
Talo Night Defender (O7000NDF)     From: NDF0001             To: NDF0400


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