Gun Digest Author Joseph von Benedikt Receives Prestigious Writing Award

Gun Digest Author Joseph von Benedikt Receives Prestigious Writing Award
Gun Digest author Joseph von Benedikt.
Gun Digest author Joseph von Benedikt.
Gun Digest author Joseph von Benedikt.

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics recently named Gun Digest author Joseph Von Benedikt the 2014 Carl Zeiss Outdoor Writer of the year.

Joseph von Benedikt, who recently authored his first work with Gun Digest, Firearms for Personal Protection: Armed Defense for the New Gun Owner, was named the 2014 Carl Zeiss Outdoor Writer of the Year on January 19, 2015, at Zeiss's annual writer's party during SHOT Show week in Las Vegas.

“Joseph is one of the most progressive technical hardcore writers and optic users in the industry. He's a pure gentlemen and carries competence and confidence in every aspect of his life and work,” said Mike Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss SBE, LLC. “He masterfully communicates with soulful insight, along with accurate and in-depth technical information that benefits his readers. His passion and appreciation for the outdoors resonates throughout all of his work. Quite simply, nobody deserves this prestigious award any more than this man does.”

Joseph von Benedikt.Von Benedikt is an avid hunter and shooter of all types of firearms, including rifles, handguns, shotguns, and muzzleloaders. He was raised on a ranch in Utah and developed all the skills necessary to flourish in that rugged outdoor environment, and he also learned to appreciate the fine arts, including music and literature. He attended Utah Valley University in Orem, studying creative writing, while working several jobs, including as a hunting guide and gun store clerk. He's competed in numerous shooting events, including Camp Perry, and has taken first place in some of those competitions. He also has hunted throughout the world.

Joining InterMedia Outdoors in 2007, von Benedikt worked as associate editor under Jerry Lee and Scott Rupp in California on RifleShooter, Handguns, and the Special Interest Publications until 2009. At that time he relocated to Illinois and became editor in chief of Shooting Times. In 2013 he made the transition to full-time writer and moved back to Utah with his wife and children. He currently writes for Shooting Times, RifleShooter, Handguns, Petersen's Hunting, the IMO Special Interest Publications, and IMO online. His first book, Firearms for Personal Protection: Armed Defense for the New Gun Owner, was published by Gun Digest in 2014.

“While I have worked with Joseph for just six years, I can honestly say that he is one of the most enthusiastic writers I've encountered during the 23 years that I've been editing Shooting Times,” said Joel J. Hutchcroft, Editor In Chief. “He possesses a wealth of firearms knowledge as well as a healthy eagerness to learn about new technologies. In that way, Joseph bridges the gap between old and new. Additionally, he is one of the most pleasant people I've ever worked with, and I'm very pleased that he is receiving the Zeiss Writer of the Year award.”

Established in 2003, the Carl Zeiss Outdoor Writer of the Year Award is in its 12th year. The previous winners are: Wayne van Zwoll (2003), David Fortier (2004), David Petzal (2005), Ron Spomer (2006), John Barsness (2007), Terry Wieland (2008), Craig Boddington (2009), John Zent (2010), Andrew McKean (2011), Mike Schoby (2012) and Thomas McIntyre (2013). Carl Zeiss has also honored several writers with Lifetime Achievement Awards. These went to Bill McRae (2003), Jim Carmichel (2008) and Pete Dunne, Chief Communications Officer of New Jersey Audubon and Director of the Cape May Bird Observatory (2013).

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