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Ithaca Guardian Rifle

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The Ithaca Gun Company is well known and well regarded for its shotguns and 1911-style pistols. However, recently, the company has made its move into the rifle category as well. One of these new offerings is the Guardian rifle, a short action long-range bolt gun chambered in the popular .308 Win. As with all of Ithaca’s rifles, the Guardian features a receiver built from 4340 chromoly steel billet and a CNC-machined hand-fitted bolt. The standard rifle comes equipped with a TriggerTech trigger, but Ithaca can swap in another trigger based on the shooter’s preference. It utilizes an Accuracy International aluminum stock and has a 24-inch heavy-tapered barrel. (Varies, around $3,250 and up;

Although the market for AR-style rifles and concealed carry guns has exploded in recent years, long guns such as shotguns and more traditional rifles have always been, and remain, a huge sector of the firearms industry. Because of this, manufacturers have continued to devote a great deal of resources toward developing all new rifles and shotguns, and toward improving and innovating existing models. Whether you’re a dedicated hunter looking for a dependable gun for the woods or the open prairie, a hardcore long-range shooter searching for something capable of ringing steel at 1,000 yards, or someone wanting a great new plinker for the range, there’s a firearm for you in this gallery of great new long guns.

Editor's Note: This article appeared in the Winter 2016 Gun Digest the Magazine.

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