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P-10 C

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The P-10 is a radical design departure for CZ, but fits right into the modern pistol market. Those familiar with the Czech company’s catalog should know what that adds up to — polymer-frame striker-fired. With a snappy trigger, short reset and compact size (among many other features), CZ has produced a pistol destined for many concealed carry holsters. CZ is offering the new P-10 chambered in a 12+1 capacity .40 S&W and a 15+1 9mm. It is available in a Flat Dark Earth variant, as well as a 17+1 suppressor-ready 9mm (1/2x28 thread). The MSRPs on the P-10s range from $499 for the basic 9mm model to $541 for the .40 S&W FDE variant.

CZ has a vast catalog of firearms, boasting rifles, pistols and shotguns for any occasion. Whether it be for shooting birds on the wing or self defense, the Czech manufacturer has shooters covered. And the company hasn’t sat on its heels on filling every shooting niche out there in 2017; it has a slew of new firearms hitting the market. Here is a look at 10 of the new CZ guns that are certain to hit the bull’s eye the coming year.

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