FNH Grows Striker-Fired Line with FNS Compact

FNH Grows Striker-Fired Line with FNS Compact
FN has expanded its striker-fired pistol line with a model set up for concealed carry – the FNS Compact.
FN has expanded its striker-fired pistol line with a model set up for concealed carry – the FNS Compact.
FN has expanded its striker-fired pistol line with a model set up for concealed carry – the FNS Compact.

FN Herstal America has never played coy about its FNS series of pistols.

Nearly as quickly as the line was released at the 2012 SHOT Show, the transnational gun maker announced the family of polymer-frame pistols was destine to grow. First it added a longslide model of the FNS, and now the company is going the other direction.

The company announced recently the release of the FNS-9 and FNS-40 Compact, news that could get concealed carry practitioners’ hearts soaring. The variations share the same features as the standard model, but in a slightly smaller package.

The compact version of the striker-fired pistol measures in at 6.7 inches in overall length and boasts a 3.6-inch barrel. The gun tips the scales at 23.4 ounces empty, around 2-ounces lighter than the standard model.

While smaller in dimensions, the FNS Compact has retained the line's respectable capacity. The 9mm model ships with two 12-round magazines and one 17 round; the 40 S&W has slightly less capacity, shipping with two 10-round magazines and one 14 round.

The magazines appear to be outfitted with finger extensions, allowing for a full grip, while maintaining a low profile.

Shooters will have a few decisions to make if their eye is caught by the FNS Compact. Similar to earlier iterations, the pistol's stainless-steel slide is available in matte black or silver. In both finishes the slide boasts front and rear cocking serrations.

The FNS Compact is also available with or without an ambidextrous thumb safety. The safety, like the pistol’s ambidextrous magazine and slide releases, is understated in design. Combined this with the smooth lines FN has incorporated, the handgun is engineered to be snag-free upon draw.

The compact model has aggressive texturing on its grip, helping with a firm purchase on the pistol. And like its forebears, the gun comes with interchangeable back straps to adjust to nearly any hand size.

The trigger pull on the new FNS is in lockstep with the rest of the series at between 5.5 and 7.7 pounds. And it is boasts a Picatinny rail under the muzzle, a popular configuration allowing for the addition of accessories. The pistol come with the choice of fixed standard or night three-dot sights.

The MSRP on the FNS-9 Compact and FNS-40 Compact is $599.

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