Diamondback Introduces Full-Sized Polymer Pistol

Diamondback Introduces Full-Sized Polymer Pistol

Diamondback FS Nine, full-sized polymer pistol.
It's hard to deny that, over recent years, size has mattered when it comes to handguns.

With concealed carry becoming more commonplace over the past two decades smaller pistols and revolvers have ruled the roost. But lately, there have been a number of manufacturers who have swam against the tide.

One of the newest companies subscribing to the philosophy bigger isn’t half bad is perhaps not the one many would expect. Diamondback, after all, is probably best known for its pocket pistols. The Florida gunmaker, however, has taken a decided turn from its roots with the introduction of the DB FS Nine.

The 9mm, striker fired, full-sized polymer pistol is by far the largest handgun in Diamondback’s catalog. The pistol is 7.8 inches long, 5.6 inches high, 1 inch in width, it has a 4.75-inch barrel and has an unloaded weight of 21.5 ounces.

While the FS’s size is the most dominant feature of the gun, it has plenty of other facets that have the potential to turn heads. Perhaps the most noticeable is the FS Nine’ grip. Right off the bat, it appears spindly compared with the rest of the gun. That is because it is more slender, an effort by Diamondback to make a more ergonomic double-stack pistol.

Along with its slender diameter, the grip also curves to match the hand and is designed to facilitate a high grip on the pistol. The hand naturally situates itself to a tight fit under the beavertail, allowing the shooter to take full command of the handgun.

Form has not come at the expense of function with the handgun. The FS Nine boasts the capacity shooters expect out of a full-sized pistol, holding 15+1 rounds and the handgun comes standard with one 15-round magazine.

Similar to many striker-fired pistols, the FS Nine has only one manual safety – a blade safety on the trigger. The pistol also has a passive safety, a firing pin block to prevent a negligent discharge if the firearm is dropped.

The gun has a cocking indicator at the rear of the slide, similar to the one found on Springfield Armory’s XD pistol. The indicator protrudes when cocked, facilitating visual and tactile confirmation of the gun’s status.

The FS Nine is outfitted with Ameriglo 3-dot sights, which gives the gun plenty of aftermarket potential. Ameriglo is creating a subcategory for the handgun, in turn any sights the company produces for Glock will be available for the FS Nine.

The gun has a Picatinny rail under the muzzle for the addition of a flashlight or other accessories. And it boasts aggressive cocking serrations at the front and rear of the slide.

Like many new additions to the handgun market, Diamondback has gone with one of the most popular calibers. But for those who need a bit more zip than a 9mm, the company will introduce a 40 S&W version later in the year.

The FS Nine has plenty to get shooters excited, but its biggest selling point might not be any of its built-in features. Instead it might be the gun's price. With an MSRP of $483.34, its affordability is more than enough to temp shooters to make a little more space in their gun safes – even if they have plenty of polymers already.


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