Colt Introduces Stainless Steel Competition Pistol Models


colt-competition-stainless_fA few weeks back Colt announced that it would expand its new Competition Pistol line to include a model chambered in .38 Super. Now, the American manufacturer is continuing to build upon the success of the Colt Competition Pistol by introducing stainless steel models for those who prefer that type of finish.

“When we took a look at what folks wanted from a race ready pistol for USPSA and IDPA matches, we found an opportunity for a model between our blued Competition Pistol™ and our iconic Gold Cup®,” said Justin Baldini, Director of Product Marketing for Colt. “This was an easy win. As an upgrade, the stainless Competition Pistol™ offers all the features you love about the blued model, only with that really appealing brilliance of a stainless steel slide and frame.”

The new Colt Competition Stainless Steel models will incorporate the same great features as the original models, such as Colt’s Dual Spring Recoil System and Novak’s patent-pending adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight, and of course the same National Match barrel for enhanced accuracy. The Dual Spring Recoil System helps reduce felt recoil to keep shots on target and helps to increase recoil spring service life.

Additionally, the new stainless steel models come with the same undercut trigger guard and upswept beavertail safety. Both of these features help shooters to achieve a high and comfortable grip position to better control recoil and more easily remain on target.

The stainless steel option will be available in all three calibers in which Colt currently chambers the Competition Pistol: .45 ACP, 9mm, and .38 Super. Pricing on these new models will be $1,049 (.45 ACP), $1,049 (9mm), and $1,099 (.38 Super).

For more information, visit the Colt website.

Colt Competition .38 Super -Competitive Pistol Shooting

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