Video: New Champion Target Reactive Targets

Video: New Champion Target Reactive Targets

Almost anyone who's ever shot at reactive targets knows just how much fun they can be. Whether they're spinners, poppers, steel plates or a simple tin can, reactive targets provide the shooter with immediate, and recognizable, feedback of a positive hit. While paper targets certainly have their place in the shooting sports, nothing is more enjoyable than seeing, or hearing, your hits on target.

Champion Target is a well-established brand in the shooting industry, and it has been providing both reactive and non-reactive targets for some time. In the video above, Gun Digest contributor Phil Massaro discusses some of Champion Target's great reactive targets available to shooters. These targets vary from simple rimfire pop-up targets to spinners and other reactive targets made using Champion's innovative new DuraSeal material.

Check out the video above for more information on these excellent reactive targets from Champion Target.


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