SHOT Show: New Bushnell Tactical Optics

SHOT Show: New Bushnell Tactical Optics

Tactical rifles have been all the rage for more than decade or so. And their rise to the top of the firearms world has pushed the accessories market to keep pace. This impact has been especially felt in the world of optics.

Scope manufacturers have worked overtime producing quality close- to mid-range optics meant to milk the most performance out of AR-style rifles and the like. Bushnell has been one of the manufacturers at the forefront, producing a slew of aiming solutions to keep modern semi-automatic rifles on target, shot after shot.

The Kansas company hasn't rested on its laurels in 2017, introducing five new optics that should hit a bull’s eye with tactical rifle shooters.

Elite Tactical SMRS
Built off the input of military, law enforcement and 3-Gun competitors, the Elite Tactical SMRS (Short Midrange Riflescope) offers shooters a versatile optic. The SMRS is a 1-6.5x variable powered scope, allowing for quick target acquisition for up-close work. However, at its highest setting, the optic is more than competent at handling precision shooting out to most acceptable ranges for a tactical rifle. The SMRS features the ThrowDown Power Change Lever, meant to make fast magnification adjustments on the fly. The lever folds down, to stay out of the way when not needed, and is knurled to ensure that it’s easily manipulated. Bushnell has outfitted the SMRS with its mil-based illuminated BTR-2 reticle on the front focal plane. The red-laser illumination brightness adjustment has an off setting between each level, giving shooters the ability to power down the scope with a single push of a button. The scope features a 30mm forged aluminum alloy one-piece tube, RainGuard HD lens coatings and T-Lock locking target turrets. The MSRP on the Elite Tactical SMRS is $1,822.45.

Enrage Red Dot
The Enrage Red Dot boasts the longest battery life of all Bushnell's red dot optics, ensuring performance no matter how long a shooter is in the field. The optic is ideal for close-range engagements, with the 1x magnification red dot utilizing a 2-MOA illuminated dot. The size of the dot also makes it ideal for mid-range work, especially if the unit is coupled with Bushnell's new 3X Magnifier, which simply mounts behind the optic. The Enrage features eight brightness settings, allowing shooters to adjust the dot to meet the given lighting situation. The multi-coated optics ensure the sight collects ample light from the environment, giving shooters a clear, crisp view of their target, with plenty of contrast. The MSRP of the Enrage is $239.99.

Incinerate Red Dot
The Incinerate Red Dot allows shooters to engage targets quickly, featuring Bushnell's new circle dot reticle. The 25-MOA circle naturally draws the shooter's eye to the 2-MOA center dot, thus making it ideal for shooting on the fly and engaging multiple targets. The reticle has eight brightness setting, allowing shooters to adjust the illumination to meet the environmental conditions. The 1x magnification optic also has an off setting between each level, giving shooters the ability to power the unit down with a single push of the button. The Incinerate is outfitted with multi-coated optics, giving it superior light gathering capabilities. It includes a hi-rise mount and is compatible with Glock dovetail sights. The MSRP of the Incinerate is $239.99.

Engulf Micro Reflex Sight
When speed is the name of the game, it’s hard to beat a reflex sight. The new Engulf Micro Reflex Sight Red Dot looks to get shooters with close-up work on target, and fast. The demure 1x magnification unit is small enough to fit on a pistol, as the slightest sight in Bushnell’s AR Optics line. But it is rugged enough to be the aiming solution for a tactical rifle, especially ones that will engage multiple targets in quick succession. The Engulf projects a 5-MOA dot through its fog-, water and shock-proof optics, allowing shooters to quickly draw a precise bead on their target. The unit is compatible with Glock Mount Plate No. 1. The Engulf’s MSRP is $254.95.

AR Optics 3X Magnifier
The AR Optics 3X Magnifier offers shooters the ability to engage mid-range targets without having to veer away from the red dot optics. The Magnifier simply mounts behind any red dot optic, powering it up to 3x magnification. It also features a handy flip mount, which gives shooters the ability to engage the magnifier when it is needed and flip it out of the way when it's not. The water-, fog- and shock-proof unit is outfitted with fully multi-coated optics, giving the Magnifier superior light-gathering abilities. And it is made to be functional for both lefties and righties with its ambidextrous design. The MSRP of the AR Optics 3X Magnifier is $258.95.


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