Second Attempt at Home Invasion Met with Guns


One suspect is in the hospital after being shot by the couple's son. Two other people are in custody.

It happened on Corriher Grange Road near Highway 152.

The house was first held up Monday night. NewsChannel 36 spoke exclusively with the Deadmon family after the first home invasion. They told us how the robbers forced them to open the safe at gunpoint. They reported the robbery to police, and they believe that's why the suspects returned.

“He told my husband they had come back to kill,” Sherry Deadmon said, speaking for her husband Randy, who has a disability that affects his speech.

It was Randy and his son John-Ross who were home Friday afternoon when two men arrived.

Randy explained how one of the robbers grabbed his son by the collar and lead him into the house. He said both men had guns.

There was a scuffle — pushing, punching, and then shooting. The family had placed several shotguns around the house because of Monday's crime.

When police arrived at the home, they found one man shot in the garage. He was wearing black clothing, a black mask and a bulletproof vest.

John-Ross Deadmon told investigators he believed he had shot that man. He said a second man had run from the scene, while exchanging gunfire with him. Read more



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