Homeowner Charged for Shooting Intruder?


A Lithonia homeowner who shot a man who allegedly tried to burglarize his home will face charges. The shooting happened Thursday morning on Gadwall Circle in Lithonia. Police said it appeared that the suspect was outside of the house.

“It came in through here went through the garage, hit the electrical panel, went through the bathroom and lodged in the wall,” said Eric Thomas of the bullet that hit his home after a neighbor shot at an alleged intruder.

The shooting happened Thursday morning when police said the burglar entered a house located a couple of doors down from where Thomas lives.

Police said the unidentified homeowner interrupted the burglar and apparently shot him as he fled.

DeKalb County police said the homeowner who shot the suspect was charged with aggravated assault because the shots were fired outside of the home.

Investigators said the homeowner was taken to jail.

The suspect who allegedly tried to break into the home faces a charge of attempted burglary.

“We got laws that say certain things, but morally I don't think he should be charged because he was protecting his home and this subdivision,” said Thomas. Read more

Source: myfoxatlanta.com


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