Anti-Gun Bill Stopped in Connecticut: Gun Owners Make The Difference

Anti-Gun Bill Stopped in Connecticut: Gun Owners Make The Difference

Connecticut State CapitalThe Connecticut Legislature was considering a bill that would have outlawed larger-capacity magazines holding ten rounds or better.  That bill recently died in committee, and gun owners were a big reason why.

As the Hartford Courant reported, “A handful of states limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds, but the Connecticut bill would have gone further. It would have banned the future sale of large-capacity magazines and required anyone in possession of one or more to turn them over to local or state police within 90 days of the law's taking effect. Failure to do so could have resulted in a felony charge.”

The controversial proposal brought out state gun owners—in force. “Over 200 people from all walks of life came and testified against it, and I think they made their case,” said Sen. John Kissel, the ranking Republican on the judiciary committee. “Several gun owners said such provisions would constitute an illegal taking of their property and likely would have been ruled unconstitutional by the courts,” the Courant noted.  “The proposal, they added, would have hurt law-abiding gun owners while doing nothing to deter crime.”

“We're always open to listening to our constituents,” Kissel added.  “When over 200 people are willing to spend 12 hours at a public hearing, it has a huge impact.”

SOURCE:   Hartford Courant 4/15/11

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