2nd Generation Glock 17s Available

Glocks available at Omni Products. Click hereThese Glock’s come with night sights, two 17-round factory magazines, owners manual and a Glock carrying case. These weapons are in very good to good condition.  Only $320.
These 2nd Generation Glock 17’s show very minimal holster wear/slight overall wear. If you like Glocks then these are for you. Omni Products also has other Glock models available —19, 21, 22, 23, 27—as well as Sig Sauers, S & W’s, Berettas, and H & K’s. Calibers: 9mm, .40 and .45 ACP.
Inventory changes daily with more and different guns coming in constantly.
Click here to see photos of these Glock 17’s.
Contact Robbie today at 229-246-5334; [email protected]

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The Gun Digest Book of the Glock, 2nd Edition. Click Here.The Gun Digest Book of the Glock, 2nd Edition

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