Colt's new Combat Unit Carbine is the Connecticut manufacturer's first production AR with a mid-length gas system and comes with a host of other upgrades as well.
Nikon's new BLACK riflescope line has something for any tactical shooter, whether the focus is on long-range precision or close- to mid-range action shooting.
Caracal released three new guns at the 2017 SHOT — each one produced in the heart of New England. Find out more about these new American made guns.
The new Walther Creed expands on the German manufacturers lineup by offering a value-priced polymer-framed pistol with tons of great features.
CZ has come out with a slew of new firearms for 2017, here's a look at 10 of the most eye-catching from this release.
Colt has updated its venerable Combat Commander for 2017. With tons of modern, upgraded features, this gun is ready for the range or holsters everywhere.
Gun Digest is now offering 33 percent off and free shipping on two of its AK book resources when you buy them together in a bundle.
Looking for something similar to a short-barreled shotgun without the NFA hassle? Check out Mossberg's new 590 Shockwave Non-NFA firearm.
Buck Mark pistols have been a top choice for plinkers for more than 30 years. And Browning continues to match the blowback .22 LR pistol to all occasions with the introduction of eight new models.


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