Boberg XR9-S.

Care and Feeding

Boberg XR9-S magazine.I should note that the means of feeding has resulted in a new failure type, not experienced by other common auto pistols.

If the cartridges do not have a strong bullet crimp, the bullet will remain in the magazine when the tongs pull the case from the magazine for feeding.

Fortunately, this situation is limited to a few cheap ammo types and that information is included with the manual and also on the web site at

Decent self-defense ammo, like that used by just about every serious shooter carrying a pistol, will not be a problem.

I test fired with Winchester white box FMJ and Federal Hydra-Shoks and had no issues. I tested only for self-defense accuracy. I set the target to 7 yards and fired with only my strong hand in a not quite rushed five-shot string, in very, very subdued lighting. I believe it to be fully acceptable in the accuracy department.

Holsters are available, and I would advise against, using the cheap $10 sheath type one-size fits most numbered holsters.

Those no-retention, thin polyester sheaths rely on longer projecting barrels and belt tension to hold the pistol securely, and the setback barrel on the XR9-S will not work so well with those.

There are over 20 holster makers fitting leather and Kydex for the XR9 series and one of those quality products should be obtained.

Boberg Arms is just barely keeping up with demand, and as of this writing, the XR9-S is only available through the manufacturer and a few approved dealers. The MSRP starts at $995.

This article appeared in the March 25, 2013 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

Editor’s Note: The Boberg XR45-S was released at SHOT Show 2014. Click here to check it out.

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