Video: World’s Only 7.62mm Caliber LMG with Semi-Auto Mode

Video: World’s Only 7.62mm Caliber LMG with Semi-Auto Mode

NEGEV NG7Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) is set to launch its new Light Machine Gun (LMG), the NEGEV NG7, at DefExpo India 2012 later this month. The NEGEV NG7  is the only 7.62mm caliber LMG in service today with semi-automatic mode.

The NEGEV NG7 is also the only 7.62 with single bullet firing capability. In automatic mode, its rate of fire is over 700 bullets per minute. Weighing less than 8 kg, it can be fired from a variety of mounts, including special mounts on helicopters, land vehicles and naval vessels.

Features include a gas regulator for additional power in harsh conditions, tritium night sights, picattiny rails for optical and other devices, and four safety mechanisms to minimize unwanted fire. The NEGEV NG7 is drum or belt-chain fed, and fires from an open bolt position.



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    • This means that the bolt is in the open position on the firearm until the trigger is pulled it then moves forward stripping the round and inserting it into the chamber, then firing.
      Most machine guns are designed this way to promote cooling as it allows airflow through the chamber and barrel and the round isn’t inserted into a hot chamber where it can absorb heat from the hot metal and therefore “cook off” which means it will discharge due to the heat building up in the case.
      It does hurt accuracy though due to the impulse of the bolt slamming forward disturbing the sight’s alignment unless the gun is mounted in an almost solid arrangement like a tripod etc. and I don’t think this weapon in the article can be mounted that way. I do think that is is capable of firing either way as it does fire from a closed bolt in semi-auto mode.

  1. I’m pretty sure the HK21 also has a semi-auto setting and a burst setting as well. Granted, it’s not exactly a ‘light’ machinegun. Actually it’s pretty damn heavy! But, it’s also the only belt-fed MG that can be used EFFECTIVELY as a sniper rifle. Don’t get me wrong; I’d really like to have one, an NG7 that is, but I’d rather have an HK21.


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