Gun Digest the Magazine June 25, 2012



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Inside this Issue

Gun Digest the Magazine June 25 2012 cover
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* Going Solo: Kimber's little 9mm is a classic

* SIG's 229: More than a sawed-off SIG

* Crossbreed Holsters: Old school and the space age

* The USP 45: A class act from H&K

* Michalowski: CCW is still a hot topic

* Shooting Fundamentals: Build a Foundation for Accuracy

* Massad Ayoob on choosing a gun and ammo

* Armalite's AR-24 is ready to fight

* Concealed carry clothing

* El Presidente: This drill builds real skills

* Kimber's Pepper Blaster works

* X-S Sight System: The ultimate in open sights

* Massad Ayoob on the CCW lifestyle

* Female defense drills

* SIG's GSR 1911: A tactical 1911 that rocks

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