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“A complete guns library you can hold in your hand. Gun reviews, photos and prices over the years, plus hundreds of great stories by the best outdoor writers.” -Jerry Lee

How's this for a great gun deal? Read more than 35,000 pages' worth of gun books in a collection Gun Digest staff put together for GunDigestStore.com that's called, appropriately enough, the 35,000 Pages of the Best Gun Articles Ultimate Collection.

These articles aren't a mishmash of forgettable features and B-list backwash. They represent every edition of the Gun Digest annual books dating back to the 1940s. This is quality material. In fact, it might be the best collection of gun articles in one spot anywhere.

Gun Digest staff settled on doing digital editions for this collection because, frankly, shipping out a pallet of books isn't practical for most readers of gun books. You're getting 35,000 pages' worth of gun articles in crystal clear PDF format that you can read anywhere. No need to haul the entire bookshelf with you.

This is one of the best offers Gun Digest has ever put together, but it's only around for a limited time. Click here to get a great gun deal with the 35,000 Pages of the Best Gun Articles Ultimate Collection.

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