Ruger-Made Marlin 1895 Guide Gun Now Available

Ruger-Made Marlin 1895 Guide Gun Now Available

The Marlin 1895 Guide Gun lever-action rifle in .45-70 Gov’t is available once again, only now made by Ruger.

Previously known as the 1895 Guide Big Loop or GBL, this lever-action rifle is being reintroduced as the 1895 Guide Gun following Marlin’s acquisition by Ruger. Since Marlin was acquired, Ruger has been slowly bringing back the company’s most popular lever-action rifle models, including the 1895 SBL in late 2021. The new Ruger-made Marlins are virtually identical to older Marlin-made rifles, only now they’re manufactured using Ruger’s more advanced methodology.


The 1895 Guide Gun is chambered for .45-70 Gov’t (6+1 capacity), has a 19-inch cold hammer-forged barrel with a 1:20” twist and the muzzle is threaded 11/16”x24 for mounting a suppressor or other muzzle device. It ships with a thread protector as well.


Aesthetically, the rifle features a checkered brown laminate stock and a satin-blued finish on most of the metal components. However, the bolt is nickel-plated instead for smoother cycling. It also features adjustable semi-buckhorn sights, a soft rubber recoil pad, and as the previous “Guide Big Loop” name implies, an oversized lever loop.


CEO and President of Ruger Chris Killoy said this about the new 1895 Guide Gun:

The Guide Gun is our next step in the expansion of the Marlin line…Marlin fans should be encouraged by the growth in product offerings and know that we are going to continuously expand into other models.

The 1895 Guide Gun has an MSRP of $1,149 and is available now.

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  1. Why Ruger has continued using the truly awful *buck-horn* sight system is truly mystifying. Archaic, easily to disturb, & inaccuracy potential, there are so many other options that make sighting way better.
    Even Ruger uses the XS sight rail on their SBL model.
    Ruger, please don’t chamber this fine gun in the truly obsolete 30-30.


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