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Christensen Arms Releases Ridgeline Scout Rifle

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Christensen Arms has just given their Ridgeline rifle the Jeff Cooper treatment with the new Ridgeline Scout.

Christensen Arms are known for their high accuracy, low weight bolt-action rifles that are appreciated by serious hunters the world over. Taking a page out of Jeff Cooper’s playbook, the company has decided to turn their popular Ridgeline rifle into the Ridgeline Scout.

Available in four chamberings, the new Ridgeline Scout is shorter and lighter than its older brother and now feeds from AICS 10-round detachable box magazines. The Ridgeline Scout was designed to be more modular and tactical as well, now sporting a 0-MOA optics rail, a barricade stop/accessory rail and a threaded barrel with an included flash hider. This makes the Ridgeline Scout an excellent suppressor host as well, especially in its 300 BLK configuration. It’s also available in .308, .223 and 6.5 Creedmoor.

Following in its Ridgeline roots, the Ridgeline Scout is also lightweight and extremely accurate. It features a 16-inch carbon fiber wrapped free-floated barrel as well as a carbon fiber composite stock. It has a TriggerTech Flat-Shoe trigger and a Nitrided action, all housed within Christensen Arms’ precision machined receiver. All these details come together to help give the Ridgeline Scout a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee and a weight of only 5.9 pounds.

All the Ridgeline Scout is really missing to realize Jeff Cooper’s full definition of a scout rifle is the ability to easily mount a low-power long eye relief scope. Considering that this was decided mostly to retain peripheral vision while on safari, most American hunters will prefer the traditional mount location found on the Ridgeline Scout. With an MSRP of $2,199, this is a rifle for serious hunters looking for a compact, light and rugged precision instrument that’s just a bit cooler than your average hunting rifle.

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