Game On With The Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle

Game On With The Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle

The Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle shows Bergara's first foray into precision competitive rifles is right on target.

How the Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle is configured for long-range success:

  • Fully adjustable Grayboe Ridgeback stock.
  • Embedded anti-cant level.
  • Available in six of the most popular precision calibers.
  • Bergara's Premiere action.
  • Trigger Tech trigger standard.

Still perhaps not at the levels of trap and practical pistol shooters, competitive long-range shooting has ballooned in recent years. Just check out a Precision Rifle Series schedule, in all likelihood, there’s a country-mile event within a reasonable drive of where you live. And compared to when custom rifles ruled the roost, it's easier than ever to put your chips on the table at a match given the surge in production precision shooting irons. Case in point, the Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle.


Released during the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the company’s first competition specific bolt-action is decked out with everything to get you on target at the longest of ranges. This includes a relatively affordable price, though it’s a big “relatively.” The Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle has an MSRP of $2,000, which doesn’t exactly qualify it as an economy shooter. But in a game that can demand a magnitude more cash to play, the rifle isn’t cost prohibitive.

More Long-Range Shooting Info:

Bergara outfits you fairly well with the gun, which boasts the company’s Premiere Action, 20- to 26-inch stainless steel barrel (depending on caliber), Trigger Tech trigger and Grayboe Ridgeback stock, among other features. The 10-pound rifle’s stock is especially intriguing, by Bergara’s telling, the first composite stock that fully supports the M-Lok system, with 12 slots running the forend. Fiberglass, the stock also has a fully adjustable cheek rest, adjustable length of pull and an embedded anti-cant level. The Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle is available in 6 of the most popular precision calibers: .223 Rem., 6.5mm Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .300 Win. Mag. and .300 PRC. And it feeds off an AICS-style detachable magazine.

More from Bergara:

Lawrenceville, Georgia – BPI Outdoors / Bergara Rifles is pleased to announce the release of the Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle the 2019 S.H.O.T. Show in Las Vegas, NV during January 22-25, 2019.

Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle

The Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle is Bergara’s newest offering, geared towards precision rifle shooting. This rifle features Bergara’s Premier action mated with a Medium Palma tapered, stainless steel Bergara barrel. The new Grayboe Ridgeback is the first composite stock to fully support the M-LOK system. It comes with a total of 12 slots to which you can attach any M-Lok compatible accessory. Another first in its class is the embedded bubble level in the stock to ensure the rifle is level to the ground when shooting at long distances. The weight is 10.5 lbs.

Nate Treadaway, CEO of BPI Outdoors, which is the parent company of Bergara stated, “From the moment we laid our hands on the Ridgeback stock in early 2018, we knew it was destined to cradle a Premier barreled action.” He continued with, “Our only question was how fast we could work it into the production schedule. It truly has everything that a serious PRS shooter wants and needs in a production-class qualifying rifle.”

All Premier Series rifles are built around legendary Bergara barrels and feature world-famous TriggerTech® triggers among other industry-best components. All are personally qualified for accuracy by the Bergara rifle builders prior to shipment and are guaranteed to produce sub-MOA groups using quality factory ammunition.

The Premier Series as an extension of our Custom Series, but with standardized features for greater efficiencies in parts production and assembly – providing near custom performance at prices that are affordable to serious shooters.

Available calibers: .223 Rem, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .300 WM, .300 PRC

MSRP $2,100.

For more information on Bergara, please visit


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