First Look: .50-Caliber Remington R2Mi Bolt-Action Rifle

First Look: .50-Caliber Remington R2Mi Bolt-Action Rifle

Remington R2Mi Bolt Action

Pitching the mighty .50 BMG, the Remington R2Mi takes your long-range game to the next zip code.

Have a passion for long-range that the average 6mm or 6.5mm isn’t satisfying? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. In that case, look no further than Remington Arms.

Newly minted, the R2Mi bolt-action in .50 BMG is engineered to dust your average precision rifle’s range by a country mile. One of the advantages of pitching 600-plus-grain projectiles. Pleasantly enough, Remington has tweaked the massive rifle in a few distinct ways to set it off from similar options on the market today. None stand out more than its bolt handle.

Situated on the left of the receiver, the handle allows the right-handed shooter to operate with his support hand, thus not break position when cycling the gun. A small design point, but a weighty one—especially when follow-up shots are at a premium. Interestingly, the R2Mi still spits out the empty cases to the right. The other major aspect worth noting is the simplicity of the .50-caliber. Two integral pins lock the upper and lower receivers, making its disassembly similar to AR-style rifles, which in a word is easy.

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As to the specifics of the R2Mi, it boasts a Lothar Walther free-floated match-grade barrel, an 8-groove bore with a 1:15 twist and ACC muzzle brake, which accepts a Cyclops suppressors. As to the receivers, they’re made of machined aircraft-grade aluminum and mated with a vented handguard. Mercifully, Remington includes a bipod in the package. To the rear of the gun, the R2Mi is outfitted with a Magpul PRS Gen3 buttstock, both adjustable for length of pull, cant and comb rise. The rifle feeds off a 10-round magazine and also has a full-length Picatinny rail to facilitate the quick addition of an optic.

Now, on to a little issue of price. Expected, the Remington R2Mi demands a princely sum—$4,599. Face long-range isn’t cheap, extreme long-range does nothing to temper the price tag. Although, if you need a few extras to pry your wallet open, “Big Green” throws in a Pelican Storm Case, hearing and eye protection, as well as a cable lock with the gun. All you have to figure out after that is how to pay to feed it.

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