Aspen PCP Pumps Up The Air Rifle

Aspen PCP Pumps Up The Air Rifle

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Giving you the ability to top off via an integral pump, the Aspen Pre Charged Pneumatic air rifle frees you from compressors and air tanks.

How The Aspen Outdoes Other PCP Air Rifles:

  • PCP air rifle that can be topped off with integral pump.
  • Built-in regulator ensures all shots achieve the same velocity, even as pressure deminishes.
  • Onboard pressure gauge and automatic over-pressure air release assure you don’t over-pump.
  • Feed off a 10-round rotary magazine.

Air Venturi’s latest introduction, the Aspen, combines the best of pre-charged pneumatic and pump air rifles. This means you can shoot, shoot, shoot to your heart’s content without being tied to a compressor or air tank.

The Aspen can be pressurized with compressed air from a compressor or tank but is quickly topped off with the built-in pump. As a result, you can keep a consistent pressure level. This means consistent velocity and performance from shot to shot to shot.

The Aspen (MSRP $429.99) also features a built-in regulator (a big deal in air guns), so all the shots go out under the same amount of power; and velocity and point of impact won’t change as onboard pressure diminishes—as they can in some PCP air guns. Essentially, impact won’t change from shot to shot as long as there is sufficient pressure on board to meet the regulated minimum.

Reap The Air Rifle Whirlwind:

Pumping up the Aspen does add to the air supply, but it won’t increase velocity, because the built-in regulator controls the actual pressure behind the pellets. In addition, there’s an onboard pressure gauge and automatic over-pressure air release to assure you don’t over-pump—no matter how enthusiastic you get.

Depending on the caliber (and power setting), you’re likely to get eight to 10 consistent shots in .177- and .22-caliber Aspens and about 20 overall before needing to replenish the air supply. In .25-caliber, figure on fewer shots. Nevertheless, the shot count goes up if you switch to low power for, say, practicing in your basement or shooting short range.

You can load the Aspen one pellet at a time or switch to a 10-shot rotary magazine (eight shots for the .25-caliber) for faster follow-up shots. And it comes with a 4×32 AO scope.

The article originally appeared in the June 2019 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.


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