Video: SIG Sauer’s Flexible New MCX Virtus


The MCX Virtus is the new upgraded version of SIG Sauer's innovative modular firearm, offering shooters a more robust and flexible platform, ready to tackle any situation.

  • The MCX Virtus features beefier barrels and SIG's Matchlite Duo Trigger.
  • It also has an improved bolt lug and increased handguard selection.
  • Modularity is still the firearm's main attribute.
  • The handguard, barrels and buttstock are all easily swapped with minimal tools.
  • The MCX Virtus maintains familiar AR controls, making it extremely intuitive to use.

Like a wildfire, the concept of modular firearms has swept through the gun world the past few years. The idea is a solid one, allowing shooters to quickly reconfigure — often without tools — a pistol or rifle to different sizes and calibers to meet the situation at hand. And when it comes to these highly versatile weapons systems, SIG Sauer has been at the forefront.

One of the New Hampshire-based gunmaker's most heralded introductions into this emerging end of the market is the MCX, a piston-driven AR system (really a hybrid) that can go from rifle to pistol as quickly as it can peel off rounds.

Introduced just before the 2015 SHOT Show, SIG Sauer has been quick to improve the already impressive system, recently releasing the MCX Virtus. Boasting more robust barrels, SIG's Matchlite Duo Trigger, an improved bolt lug and increased handguard selection, the AR system is wicked as ever. But as Gun Digest Editor Luke Hartle notes in his up-close-and-personal with the MCX Virtus in the above video, the firearm's modularity is still its main attraction.

The handguard can be removed without tools, simply by releasing a captured pivot pin. Swapping out barrels takes seconds through a unique retention system that utilizes two T27 screws and requires absolutely no head spacing checks. And the buttstock is quickly plucked and replaced with the same screwdriver, also held into place by T27 screws. What makes much of this modularity possible is the innovative short-stroke piston system and unique recoil assembly placed above the bolt carrier group.

While under the hood is a world apart from most ARs and their hybrids, the controls are as familiar as an old pair of shoes, with the mag release, safety and charging handle configured the same as any other AR. This is by design, allowing shooters to harness the technical advantage of the MCX Virtus without learning a new manual of arms.

Find out more about what SIG Sauer is offering in this improved weapons system in the above video, and see why it really is the firearm capable of 500 different configurations.


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